Vault Personalization

Two-tone color information:

For all vaults that allow personalization, they can be finished in either a single solid color or a two-tone paint combination to compliment the selected casket. We have metallic paints available (such as Silver, Copper, and Gold), along with a large variety of solid colored paints.

Décor item information:

Décor items on vaults are usually a religious symbol such as a crucifix, plain cross, Orthodox cross, or Star of David. Non-religious symbols are also available such a wreath, a rose, military and organization emblems.

Large Décor:

We also offer two vault decorations that extend the length of the vault lid. They are the Last Supper – a rendition of the classic Last Supper image by Di Vinci (see below), and a large plain cross. Either of these large plaques can be applied to the Cardinal, Royal Imperial, Intercontinental, Porcelite or any of the Guardian Series.


Last Supper Large Décor Plaque


Military and Service Appliques:

Bradbury is now offering large lid appliques for military branches and local service personal. These images are affixed to the lid of the Royal Imperial, Intercontinental, Porcelite, or any of the Guardian Series. Below you’ll find a gallery showing you the image and an example of it on a vault lid. (This gallery may take time to load depending on your internet connection.)

Vault Appliques for Military and Service Personel